Release of JabRef 3.7

After almost three month of fixing bugs and improving some features we just released the next version of JabRef.

The new version 3.7 can be downloaded as of now from FossHub or at GitHub.

Version 3.7 contains 56 bug fixes and more than 45 changes and improvements.

The most notable new aspects are:

  • We again improved the search interface: Despite having a specific search bar for each open database, there is a now a global search bar.
    • It is now possible to search either in the currently open, or all opened files (use “globe” icon to switch)
    • The window showing the global results has been improved (e.g., it now shows the database for each search hit)
  • Due to changes at the side of Medline/Pubmed the fetcher stopped working in all previous versions. This is fixed in 3.7.
  • Improved integrity checks and hints:
    • Using the short cut CTRL+F8 opens the integrity check dialog
    • improved and added some checks (e.g., ISBN, journaltitle, bibtexkey)
    • give format hints in the entry editor (grayed out date and author format)
  • The workflow to create new entries by IDs has been optimized: Creating a new entry based on DOI/ISBN/Medline/ADS information is no longer accessible using the Web Search feature, but directly integrated in the “new entry” dialog
  • Improved multi display support
  • Previews can now use citationstyles from (accessible using Options-> Preferences-> Entry preview)

An overview of all new features and fixes can be found as usual in the Changelog at GitHub.

A note to all Mac OS X users: There might be problems if you don’t have Java 8 installed on your machine. Moreover, you might be required to use Cmd-MouseClick to open the installer to be able to ignore a security warning. For more information checkout the FAQs.

For questions about the functioning or suggestions for improvements please use the discussion forum. In case you have trouble, report bugs on GitHub.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.