JabRef 4.0 is Imminent – Third and Final Beta Version Release

The transition to the new GUI technology JavaFX is reaching a milestone where most of the entry editor is already migrated. This beta3 release should encourage you to test the new user interface, especially the new entry editor, as we feel that it can be released soon.

Since the last beta2 release we focused mainly on the interplay of the new entry editor with the rest of JabRef, especially the main table. We fixed several issues concerning keyboard shortcuts, special actions like UNDO-REDO and the overall stability of the program.

Most problems should be resolved by now, and we need your feedback for being confident that we can release JabRef 4.0. Please report any bugs and inconveniences either at the GitHub bug tracker or at the discussion forum. Thank you!


  • If fetched article is already in database, then the entry merge dialog is shown.
  • We migrated the File Annotations tab to JavaFX
  • Integrity warnings are now directly displayed in the entry editor.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed various shortcut issues
  • We resolved performance and stability issues
  • We improved the startup time
  • We fixed the fetcher for the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
  • We improved the auto completion so that minor changes are not added as suggestions
  • We readded the undo mechanism for changes in the entry editor
  • We fixed an issue where the preferences could not be imported without a restart of JabRef
  • We fixed several issues where Entry Editor tabs were not correctly updated

An overview of all new features and fixes can be found as usual in the changelog at GitHub.

You can get the 4.0-beta3 version at Fosshub - or at the release section at GitHub.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.