JabRef 5.11 Release

We are publishing version 5.11 of JabRef! What a surprise! The decision to release JabRef 5.11 so soon after JabRef 5.10, was taken, because some regressions have been found (and fixed) that seemed to be annoying enough to warrant an early release, especially for macOS users. Despite the bug fixes, we also implemented a couple of new features and performance improvements.

macOS users should install the .pkg as it takes care of the correct installations for the JabRef browser extension.

Have a look at the changelog for a full list of all changes.

Highlighted Features

Explorer for Citation Relations

A major new feature is the possibility to explore citations and (and add) papers that cite or are cited by a given paper.

Screenshot citation relations

Improved Push to External Applications

The citation format can now be fully customized (e.g., [@key1,@key2]) and thus not only LaTeX-style citations, but also markdown (e.g., pandoc-style) are possible. In addition, macOS can now push to TeXShop.

Improved Integrity Check

We added an integrity check for more special LaTeX characters.

Fetchers and Importers

We added a new fetcher for LOBID resources and we improved the performance of some importers and fetchers. Some fetchers like CrossRef now also return additional data and the ISBN fetcher no longer returns the entry type misc.

New Themes Contributed by Users

We now have a new theme that allows line wrapping in the entry table. A special thanks to Ryan Carpenter who contributed this theme.

… and more!

You can get JabRef as free software from FOSShub.

In case you notice any bugs or problems, please browse through our bug tracker and consider submitting a new bug report if nobody else has been reporting the failure before.

Known Issues

Some of our fetchers currently show connection problems. We are investigating these issues and try to find a solution for this. In the meantime you can use the JabRef Browser Extension.

IMPORTANT: Build Instructions from Source for Linux Users

You no longer need JabRef’s own JDK fork, you can now use the official JDK 21.0.1 as a minimum version.

Special Thanks

We thank all contributors and users who continuously tested the development versions. And of course as JabRef is entirely run by volunteers, we would like to thank all our donators who financially support the development! Check out our donation possibilities.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.