Release of JabRef 3.5

We just released a new version of JabRef!

The new version 3.5 can be downloaded as of now from FossHub, the official JabRef download site.

JabRef 3.5 mainly concentrates on fixing some bugs. The most serious one was a broken installer for Mac OS X in version 3.4 which inhibited the correct start of JabRef. Apart from that again some bugs in the grouping feature have been fixed.

But we also introduced some new features:

  • The import dialogs can now filter by file extension (e.g., displaying only *.bib files)
  • The discussion forum can be opened directly from the “Help” menu
  • If a crossref to another entry is set (using the BibTeX-key) clicking on the button “select” directly opens the referenced entry
  • Last but not least: As we are releasing more often than before, we introduced a “Check for updates” functionality. You’ll be informed if a new version of JabRef is available for download. This check is performed automatically on startup or can be triggered manually in the “Help” menu.

An overview on all new features and fixes can be found on GitHub.

For questions about the functioning or suggestions for improvements please use the discussion forum. In case you have trouble, report bugs on GitHub.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.