A faster JabRef is coming!

Some users reported JabRef was slow on large databases (thank you for the feedback!). This was especially the case for three operations:

  • loading a database
  • saving a database
  • searching through a database.

During a search, the user interface could become very unresponsive, which is indeed quite annoying… Well, this time will be over soon: Simon Harrer has recently contributed code making search much faster.

By integrating the Java Microbenchmarking framework, Tobias Diez was able to benchmark JabRef and reveal interesting insights about the performance of JabRef: Preliminary tests have been carried out on a database with 100000 entries (is it big enough for you?). They show that JabRef is now 10 times faster at searching: it takes only one second to search through 60000 entries!

You can give it a try (This is a development version: Be carefully, and back up your data first!). Your comments are welcomed!

Stay tuned: work is under way to speed up the opening of large databases.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.