JabCon 2021

From Monday, August 30 to Thursday, September 2, 2021 the annual JabCon took place in Stuttgart, Germany, where the majority of the JabRef developers and some members of our non profit organization JabRef e.V. met in person and worked together to improve JabRef and discuss the roadmap for future releases. This year’s JabCon was special as it was the first anniversary 🎂 since founding our non profit organization JabRef e.V. We are happy to announce that JabRef e.V. now has 17 members who support JabRef’s development in various ways and keep us motivated.

The most notable product of this years JabCon is certainly the global search dialog, for searching across all your libraries, and the keep-search-string feature which we brought back after migrating to our new ui framework JavaFX.

Screenshot showing the icon for the global search in the toolbar

Google Summer of Code 2021

We are happy to announce that both students, Benedikt and Mohit, sucessfully passed GSOC 🍾🍾! A big thanks to the great work and the cool features they implemented. And a big thanks to Google for giving us the opportunity to be part of this great project! Check out the previous blog posts for a glimpse of the features. Especially the improved PDF-Importing and the support for full-text search in PDFs is a very handy feature that will help you with supporting your reference management!

Try the new version!

You can test the new features by downloading the latest development snapshot from Please remember always to make a backup of your libraries before testing a development version. In case you notice any bugs or problems, please check our bug tracker and consider submitting a new bug report if nobody else has been reporting the failure before.

Special Thanks

We want to thank all the users who are constantly testing the latest snapshots and giving feedback!

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