Google Summer of Code 2019: User Interface

Hi! We keep working on the LaTeX Integration project for the Google Summer of Code.

Any feedback is more than welcome! Forum | GitHub | Gitter

Jun 03, 2019 – Jun 10, 2019 (Second week of coding)

This week we have been working on two different issues:

  1. On the one hand, improving the code from last week, thanks to the feedback we got on GitHub.
  2. On the other hand, discussing and improving prototypes, before starting to code the user interface for the TEX parser tool.

The goal has been to connect the back-end of the parser with the user interface:

  • A first dialog box will ask for a directory for scanning TEX files. Then, the user could select specific files. After that, the tool parses these files and it shows all bibliographic entries found.
  • For displaying these entries, a new dialog box will be opened. Instead of the draft view that we published last week, we have finally chosen a view that allows a comfortable reading of the citations found along all documents.

User Interface

For a better understanding, each part of the project will be available in different public pull requests so as to make the discussion about implementation details easier.

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