Release of JabRef 3.4

We are pleased to announce the release of JabRef version 3.4!

The new version can be downloaded as of now from FossHub, the official JabRef download site.

The main focus of this release is improving the grouping functionality of JabRef with various bug fixes and new features:

  • Group information is now directly stored in the BibEntry - and no longer at the end of the bib file
  • Group view is immediately updated after adding an entry to a group
  • Dragging an entry to a group preserves scrolling
  • Entries retain their groupmembership when undoing their cut/deletion
  • The group tree now uses the whole available space in the left sidebar

Some other selected new features and improvements are:

  • You can directly paste a DOI into the main table and JabRef tries to create the matching entry
    • Did you know: This also works with complete BibTeX entries you have in your clipboard!
  • The merge entries dialog now shows all text and colored differences between the fields
  • Added support for several Biblatex-fields through drop-down lists with valid alternatives
  • DOI and normal web links are now distinguished with different icons in the main table

JabRef 3.4 also includes more than 30 bug fixes and the removal of a few features (mostly outdated). Details are listed on GitHub.

For questions about the functioning, please use our discussion forum.. In case you have trouble, report bugs and suggestions for improvements on GitHub.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.